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Who I am, where I'm coming from.

Growing up as a kid, I think I had every Emergency! toy that was out there. With rural television service (pre-cable) I couldn't catch the syndicated show often, but I had the comic books, the lunch box, and prized above all else, the Squad 51 truck.

Suffice it to say, it's no longer in the original packaging.

Somewhere, despite this promising beginning, I lost my way. Not sure I can explain how I got there, but I ended up in graduate school for pure mathematics, a field for which I had neither enthusiasm nor any special talent. I dropped out.

So I took an EMT class. I passed. That was nice, especially after having flunked Topology.

Driving around lights and siren was apparently more appealing than this. Huh.

For my ED observation time I spent 5 hours at Maine Medical Center, and that changed my life. I kept taking classes, moving up to EMT-I, and then medic, as quickly as I could manage. After a few years working a 911-only hospital-based service, I started taking pre-med classes.

Study break! (White shirt at center, with the clean hands)

Albany Medical College let me in, saints be praised, and I got started on the doctor thing.

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